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Master of Public AdministrationCurriculum

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Course Descriptions

The MPA Curriculum

Courses are offered in both live and online formats!

The MPA curriculum consists of 39 credit hours (13 courses). Courses are required in two categories:

Core Curriculum (seven required courses):
PADM 651 Administrative Theory I: The Context of Public Administration
PADM 652 Administrative Theory II: The Process of Public Administration
PADM 671 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
PADM 701 Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation
PADM 733 Legal and Ethical Foundations of Public Administration
PADM 753 Research Methods for Public Administration
PADM 746 Capstone Seminar in Public Administration

Electives (six courses) - Students may take elective courses in a number of different areas related to Public Administration. Students may choose to focus their elective courses in specific areas, such as Human Resource Administration; Port and Maritime Management; Urban Research and Planning; Non-Profit Management; or other specific areas relevant to Public Administration.