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Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics:Research

Research at the Reidy Center has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and we are well positioned for future growth. This growth is fueled by the fact that we have engineers, physicists and biologists working together on projects of common interest. A major area of scientific growth will be based on multidisciplinary teams working together.

- CBE Director Richard Heller

Funded Research

Electroporation -Gene Therapy

Cancer therapy NIH funding
Wound healing NIH and DOD funding
Coronary Artery Disease NIH funding
DNA Vaccines DARPA funding

Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields

Cancer therapy NIH funding; license negotiations are under way
Tissue ablation Licensed
Neuromuscular effects ONR funding
Wound healing DOD & Internal funding
Medical imaging AFOSOR and Industry funding
Bacterial decontamination of food Industry funding

Cold Plasma

Bacterial decontamination of surfaces
Internal funding


Wound Healing

  • Platelet gels - nanosecond pulse electric fields to activate platelets
  • Gene therapy - delivery of plasmids encoding angiogenic factors to accelerate wound healing


  • Use of cold plasma to destroy bacteria
  • prevention of wound infections
  • decontamination of food

Treatment of Cancer

  • Ablation therapy - nanosecond pulse electric fields to destroy tumor cells - work performed in melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer
  • Gene therapy - micro-millisecond pulse electric fields to deliver plasmid DNA to stimulate immune system. Phase I clinical trial successfully completed (ADD DATE?).


  • Use of picosecond pulse electric fields to image malignancies


  • Coronary artery disease - gene therapy to assist revascularization
  • Peripheral vascular disease - gene therapy to assist revascularization