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Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics:Core Resources

The core lab provides space, instrumentation, and technical support for biomedical scientists and engineers at CBE, as well as other departments within ODU and from neighboring institutions. Fees are assessed for independent use as well as for use with the assistance of a center technician or the core director. Fees are hourly: $30.00 unassisted and $50.00 assisted. For additional information or to schedule use of any of the core facilities, please contact the Core Director, Ellen Jing, at 757-683-8002, yjing@odu.edu.

Core Lab Facilities at the Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics include:

  1. CBEFlowCytometer

    BD FACSAria Flow Cytometer (sorter)

    • 3-laser and up to 13-color (currently 9 color) flow cytometric analysis
    • 2-way and 4-way cell sorting in test tubes
    • cell sorting in 96-well or other size- compatible plates
    • Temperature control for sorting (optional)
    • $30/hour unassisted analyzer only (Authorization by core lab director is required.)
    • $50/hour assisted analyzer only
    • $60/hour unassisted sorting (Authorization by core lab director is required.)
    • $100/hour assisted sorting
  2. CBECoreMicroscope

    Multi-channel Fluorescent Microscopes - standard hourly rates

    • Olympus BX51 and IX71 fluorescence microscopes
    • Bright field (BF)
    • Fluorescence (DAPI, FITC, TRITC)
    • Potentially phase contrast and polarized light observations
    • Olympus DP71 Camera
  3. Spinning Disc Confocal Fluorescence Microscopes - standard hourly rates

    • PerkinElmer UltraVIEW ERS confocal fluorescence microscope

    Luminex MAGPIX Multiplex Detection - standard hourly rates

    • Fluorescence magnetic beads based detection system
    • 96-well plate setting
    • Examine up to 50 xMAP (analytes) in one sample at a time
    • Sample volume as low as 25 μl
    • Consumables not provided
  5. Beckman Coulter Z2 particle counter - standard hourly rates

    • Count particles ranging from 2nm to 60 nm, giving particle size values, concentration values and histogram
  6. Animal Imaging systems - standard hourly rates

    1) Xenogen IVIS Spectrum

    2) Olympus IV-100 Intravital Scanning Microscope

    3) Moor LDI2 v5.x Laser Doppler Imager

    4) VisualSonics Vivo 770 ultrasound machine

  7. LiCor Odyssey Infrared Imaging System - fee is $15.00 per 30 minutes (minimum charge)

    • Two-channel IR direct detection
    • For quantitative Western blots
    • Consumables not provided
  8. Cryostat - fee is $1.00 per slide

    • Section thickness - 1-20 μm
    • Trim thickness - 10-500 μm
    • Consumables not provided
  9. Ultracentrifuge - no fee unless assisted

    • Beckman Coulter Optima L-90K ultra centrifuge
    • Up to 41k rpm with wing rotor and up to 90k rpm fixed-angle rotor
  10. CBECoreLabSpace

    Cell Biology Routines - no fee unless assisted

    • Lab space and equipment for tissue culture ($30/hour assisted)
    • PH meter
    • Ultrapure water
    • Consumables not provided