Keillor's Prairie Home Companion

 For those of you whose Saturday mornings consist of listening to NPR, you will be pleased

to know that Garrison Keillor is bringing his " Prairie Home Companion " group to the Ted Center

for a live radio broadcast--special guest performances and quirky comedy sketches.

The event is part of the Virginia Arts Festival-Spring 2013.  Mr Keillor will be at the Ted on Saturday,

May 4th at 5:45 pm.  Ticket information is availabe at 757-282-2822 or visit the VAF Box Office

at 440 Bank St, Norfolk. or

" where 'all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average,'

Posted By: Marc Katz
Date: Tue Apr 09 15:48:12 EDT 2013