Do you need a stress reliever?

Just imagine… a quiet place on campus where you can relax and enjoy private relaxation in a massage chair to relieve the stress and pain, while listening to soothing music under low lighting. 'Sounds great, doesn't it? Take a moment out of your busy day to relax and unwind, then return to classes refreshed and energetic! Check out the OCS Comfort Room!

The Comfort Room is now available to University Students, Faculty and Staff from 9:00AM to 4:30PM (last session @ 4:00PM), Monday-Friday, in the Office of Counseling Services, 1526 Webb Center.

You can either stop by the Office of Counsleing Services to see if the massage chair is available at the time of your arrival or call 757-683-4401 the morning of the day you wish to use the massage chair to reserve a 30-minute appointment later in the day.  This will ensure your desired time frame.

Relieve yourself of the stress:

Visit the Office of Counseling Services, 1526 Webb Center for more information or to schedule an appointment to talk with a Professional Counselor if you have any concerns.  All counseling records and interviews are confidential.  NO information will be released outside Counseling Services without written consent from the client EXCEPT in emergency life-and-death situations and as legally required (e.g., child abuse, court orders).


* OCS-FLYER Comfort Room Massage.pdf  (432.6 KB)

Posted By: Lisa Jeffress
Date: Wed Oct 10 10:27:57 EDT 2012