Engineering Open House - Bridge Competition

Engineering Open House - Model Span Bridge Competition!

The object of this contest is to construct a 12 inch long model bridge from a given amount of balsa wood. This model will be tested to destruction to determine its load-carrying capacity as related to its weight when subjected to a single loading.  There will be separate competitions for high schools and middle schools.

All contestants must use the official material kits available from Old Dominion University. Please check the web site or the attachement for detailed competition rules. The cost of the kits is $4.00. Kits can be picked up from the Engineering Technology Department at Old Dominion University, Room 214, Kaufman Hall, 757-683-3765.

* MODEL SPAN BRIDGE competion.pdf  (286.5 KB)

Posted By: Tiffany Cummings
Date: Fri Jan 31 17:54:26 EST 2014