More New Titles @ Village Bookstore

  The Village Bookstore has received two new titles that have received a great deal

of notice:

" THE LOUDEST VOICE IN THE ROOM: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built

Fox News--and Divided a Country " by Gabriel Sherman.  While perhaps not on the same

scale of a Citizen Kane, the authors subject may be the closest comparison to William

Randolph Hearst.

" YOUR LIFE CALLING: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life " by Jane Pauley. A book about

baby boomeres. Some of the reviews include: ' Well, here it is--finally. The guide for baby boomers  by Jim Lehrer

" I learned a lot--and so will you " Tom Brokaw

" She speaks for boomers--the regeneration generation--who are exploring new lives...

Abigail Trafford, author.

These works and many more are not available at the Village Bookstore

Posted By: Marc Katz
Date: Thu Jan 23 13:34:04 EST 2014