Integrative Learning | a panel discussion with Pickering, Gomez, Paine, Spina, Sechrist | Thursday 1/30

The Center for Learning and Teaching
invites you to
a brown bag lunch series *
The Connect with Colleagues series
offers faculty members a chance
to learn more about good ideas for teaching.
Come join the first Connect with Colleagues presentation of the Spring semester:
Integrative Learning: Helping Students Connect
Academic Knowledge and Relevant Practical Experiences

a panel discussion led by
Worth Pickering
Assistant Vice President for Assessment


Ed Gomez, Associate Professor, Human Movement Sciences
Vivian Paige, Instructor, Accounting
Bob Spina, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Assessment
Scott Sechrist, Associate Professor, Medical Diagnostic and Translational Sciences

Thursday, January 30 from 12:30-1:30pm
Conference Room at the Learning Commons@Perry Library
Perry Library


Questions?  e-mail or phone 683-4252

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* CLT will provide drinks and dessert

CLT’s Connect with Colleagues series is designed to offer ODU’s faculty members the chance to learn from the expertise of other faculty members.

A topic of particular interest, these days, is Integrative Learning.  The Association of American Colleges & Universities defines it as “an understanding and a disposition that a student builds across the curriculum and co-curriculum, from making simple connections among ideas and experiences to synthesizing and transferring learning to new, complex situations within and beyond the campus.”

Intentional learning is the key, Worth Pickering notes.  It encourages self-awareness in students.

On January 30, a cross-campus panel of faculty members will be on hand to share ways that they have worked toward integrative learning for their own students.  The panel includes Ed Gomez, Associate Professor, Human Movement Sciences; Vivian Paige, Instructor, Accounting; Bob Spina, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Assessment; and Scott Sechrist, Associate Professor, Medical Diagnostic and Translational Sciences. 

We should hear some exciting ideas, and we encourage you to join the conversation.  Please join us for this discussion about ways to encourage the integration of your students’ learning across academic, co-curricular, and practical real-world experiences. Bring your colleagues!   


Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Thu Jan 23 16:15:05 EST 2014