Successfully Facilitating an Online or Hybrid Course -- a Conversation with Shana Pribesh | Thursday 1/23

The Center for Learning and Teaching
invites you to participate in
The Provost’s Conversations on
Teaching and Learning
a brown bag lunch series *
These conversations are intended to gather faculty members
from all across the campus to share, to think,
and to reflect on a wide range of teaching and learning issues.
Come join the first conversation in this semester’s series:
Successfully Facilitating
an Online or Hybrid Course

led by
Shana Pribesh
Associate Professor
Educational Foundations and Leadership

Thursday, January 23  |   12:30-1:30pm
Conference Room at the Learning Commons@Perry Library


Presented by the Center for Learning and Teaching, the Office of Distance Learning,
and the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Carol Simpson

For more information:

Questions?  e-mail or phone 683-4252

* CLT will provide drinks and dessert


The Provost’s Conversations on Teaching and Learning are open to all faculty members, and offer the opportunity to reflect and share about the teaching and learning process.

On Thursday, January 23, Shana Pribesh will discuss “Successfully Facilitating an Online or Hybrid Course” from 12:30-1:30 in the Conference Room of the Learning Commons@Perry Library.

Dr. Shana Pribesh is interested in the structural aspects of educational inequality, and she has worked on studies of student/teacher racial matching, as well as on the consequences of residential and school moving on educational performance.  Dr. Pribesh has over two decades of educational research experience, having worked with the American Institutes for Research, RAND, the Center for Research in Educational Policy, and the University of Michigan. 

Dr. Pribesh teaches distance courses in various formats and reports that she “gets flop-sweat terror before each one.”   In her words, “Teaching distance courses is scary.  Now imagine how it feels to take a distance course – super scary.  In this Conversation, we will explore how to facilitate online and hybrid distance courses in the midst of this apprehension.  Be prepared to chime in – since that is what we expect of our students, after all.”

For more information about the Provost’s Conversations on Teaching and Learning series, including highlights from past years’ Conversations and a calendar of upcoming Conversation dates, visit the Conversations’ website at







Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Tue Jan 21 09:29:54 EST 2014