FY13 Year-End Process for Open Encumbrances

The FY13 year-end process for open encumbrances will be as follows:

Departments are responsible for ongoing monitoring of their open eVA purchase order encumbrances in Banner.  Open encumbrances can be accessed by budget code using the FGIOENC screen in Banner.  Liquidation requests for FY13 encumbrances are due in Procurement Service no later than June 15, 2013.  See the Liquidation Request form attached.

eVA users: If encumbrances greater than $500 should not be encumbered in FY14, a change order will be required to reduce the eVA purchase order by the remaining balance. 

Non-eVA users:  Contact Procurement Services for additional guidance.

If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact Procurement Services at 683-3105 or procurement@odu.edu.

* form_Liquidation_Request_Form_12-012.pdf  (289 KB)

Posted By: Laronda Davis
Date: Tue Jul 02 16:58:13 EDT 2013