Banner Training Schedule - July-December


The banner training program is provided for Banner users throughout the University community who need to learn the skills necessary to use the administrative computer system. 

All classes are held in Rollins Hall, room 206.

Course descriptions and a link to the Banner training schedule through December are shown below.  Please be sure to register via the Knowledge Center – KEY WORD SEARCH “ODU BANNER 2013-2” - “Exact phrase.”  If you DON’T register, you will not be notified of any schedule changes and will not receive the final reminder.  Click on the following link to access the ODU Knowledge Center URL.


Click on the following link to see the training schedule for July-December.

This is a pre-requisite for Banner Finance and Budget and Banner General Student, and it is recommended that employees take this class before taking the specific finance or student class.  During this hands-on session, participants learn basic navigational skills and will acquire a knowledge base on which all other Banner training sessions build.  Participants will also learn how to create a personal menu of frequently used forms. 


During this hands-on training session, participants will learn how to access and interpret budget information in Banner; learn the forms that allow departments to do internal financial reporting; check available balances (and understand why discrepancies can occur); identify Banner transaction codes; research invoices and vendor addresses; check base budget information; and also provides information about some budgeting tools.

Audience: Individuals responsible for monitoring departmental budgets.

During this hands-on training session, participants will learn how to access information on students.  Topics covered include how to do a name search if you do not have the ID#, determine the gender and marital status of a student; determine the admissions status of a student (including missing credentials); view test scores; see if a student has a declared major; determine if a student has holds and what they are; review course registrations for a specific semester by student; view a class roster; view academic history; and find out if a student has applied for graduation and/or graduated.

Audience:  Individuals responsible for accessing student records or those who input student information.

PROBLEMS REGISTERING - If you experience problems with the ODU Knowledge Center, please contact or telephone one of the administrators (Ray Gata, 757-683-5139; Thasheena Cutno, 757-683-3082).

REMINDER E-MAIL – If you are registered in the Knowledge Center, a few days prior to class, Kathie Parker will send an e-mail with final reminders. 

Posted By: Kathleen Parker
Date: Fri Jun 14 14:43:21 EDT 2013