Proposed Revisions to GS-111, College and Universities

The Library of Virginia (LVA) has proposed  revisions to General Schedule (GS) - 111, Colleges and Universities.  The changes affect a significant number of records series.  The focus is to consolidate a number of records series, revise descriptions and update retention periods.  LVA has asked for comments by May 1st

GS-111 establishes retention requirements a number of university functions including:

If you maintain records related to these functions, are interested in what the proposed changes are and would like to comment please contact Bruce White, the University Records Manager.  He can be reached at 3-7017 or and can provide you those series that are specific to your department. Bruce will consolidate the comments and submit to LVA.  

For reference the current GS-111 schedule can be found on LVA’s website at:

Posted By: Bruce White
Date: Thu Apr 18 07:57:41 EDT 2013