Pile Driving for New Art Building

Pile Driving for New Art Building:  S.B. Ballard Construction Company, the Construction Manager for the New Art Building will begin driving piles for the building during the week of April 22nd.  The building is sited on Monarch Way, between 46th and 47th Streets and across the street from the Goode Theater.  Work hours will be between 7:00AM and 3:30PM, during the normal work week, though the potential exists to work later in the day if the schedule requires it.  The contractor anticipates completing pile installation before the beginning of final exam week on May 2nd.  If, however, installation is not complete, S.B. Ballard will suspend operations for the duration finals.  As occurred during installation of test piles in December, the University’s testing agency will install vibration monitors on surrounding buildings to ensure safety of operations.  Questions concerning the work should be addressed to Dale Feltes, Director of Design and Construction, at 683-6385 or dfeltes@odu.edu.

Posted By: Dale Feltes
Date: Wed Apr 17 11:11:32 EDT 2013