ECE Graduate Seminar

The ECE Department cordially invites you to attend the following seminar:


Ambient Pressure Gas Plasmas as a

Biotechnology Platform



Dr. Michael Kong

Batten Endowed Chair in Bioelectrics

Depart. Of Electrical and Computer Engineering

And Reidy Center for Bioelectrics

Old Dominion University


Friday, April 19

3:00 p.m. KH 224

Host:  Dr. González


Ambient gas plasmas with large electrode area and sustained near room temperature was invented in 1980’s with a view to address the need for surface modification and semiconductor fabrication, the main applications of low-pressure gas plasmas generated within a vacuum plasma. Some 30 years later, they have found themselves in an exponentially increasing array of applications in biomedicine, environment, and energy. Examples include plasma waste water systems (in fact there is one in Virginia), two plasma-based surgical procedures, and five on-going clinical trials for wound healing. This seminar will review some of the main biomedical applications of ambient gas plasmas, some of their unique features from the standpoint of a biotechnology, examples of possible underpinning mechanisms, and challenges to the engineer and physical scientist to significantly advance the field. 


Dr. Kong received his PhD in 1992 from Liverpool University, England. He held research and faculty positions at Universities of Nottingham, Liverpool and Loughborough, all in England.  He had been a full professor at Loughborough since 2004 before joining Old Dominion University in October 2012.  Trained as an electrical engineer, his research activities have evolved to a cross point between physical and life sciences.  He sits on the editorial board of three out of six most prestigious plasma journals, and has published some 140 papers in scientific journals with an h-index of 31 (Web of Science).




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Date: Wed Apr 17 15:48:06 EDT 2013