Student Opinion Surveys are Now Open!

Student Opinion Surveys are open to students now through May 1st.  ( Please take the time during each of your classes to encourage your students to complete their surveys!

Participation Tracker
A new tool has been developed which allows you to track the participation rate of current Student Opinion Surveys in your classes. To use the tool, go to:

ODUMobile App
New this semester! You can encourage students to download the ODUMobile app (from the AppStore for Apple devices and Play Store for Androids). Students can download the mobile app and as you did with the old “paper and pencil” version of the survey, you can allot a few minutes during class for students to complete their surveys. 

Students can complete their surveys via:

* Spring SOS Flyer 3.pdf  (3.5 MB)

Posted By: Meghan Williams
Date: Tue Apr 16 16:43:51 EDT 2013