Hello Everyone,

The date, time and the location for your opportunity to participate in the ODU ELECTRONIC RECYCLING PROGRAM - brought to you by your Facilities Management Recycling Department is Friday, April 26th, 2013, from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM at the UNIVERSITY RECYCLING CENTER.

To be a part of this exciting effort and dispose of all your electronic materials please remember to simply collect and bring your electronic recyclables to the UNIVERSITY RECYCLING CENTER at 861 WEST 45th STREET, NORFOLK, VA – 23508.

This can be done in two ways -

A). Electronic Items from Home - You can bring in all of the different types of your personal unwanted, outdated or broken electronic material and equipment that you may have and we will properly dispose of your items.

B). Electronic Items from University – OCCS performs a procedure that's in place to insure all sensitive data has been removed from University computer equipment prior to disposal. This recycling program does not include any of your inventory tagged equipment. The correct procedure for equipment that has a University ID tag number on it would be to have it first go through Procurement Services (Contact Person – Felicia Samuel @ 757-683-4810).

Why Recycle Electronics Properly?
The Proper destruction of electronic materials requires that it be sanitized, recycled, remarketed and/or disposed of in accordance with United States Environmental Protection Agency, the US Departmental Defense, Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) and the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) waste management regulations.

We encourage you to participate in this effort of sustainability.

With Regards,

Harvey D. Logan | Support Services Manager

Old Dominion University | Facilities Management

4401 Powhatan Ave | Norfolk, VA 23525

ph: 757-683-3005 | fax: 683-5325

Posted By: Harvey Logan
Date: Tue Apr 16 15:36:32 EDT 2013