Finance's Mohammad Najand will lead Thursday's Provost's Conversation in 2002 Constant Hall

The Center for Learning and Teaching
invites you to participate in
The Provost’s Conversations on
Teaching and Learning
These conversations are intended to gather faculty members
from all across the campus to share, to think,
and to reflect on a wide range of teaching and learning issues.
Come join the next conversation in this semester’s series:
The Application of Bloomberg Terminals
to Business Education

led by
Mohammad Najand

Thursday, April 4   12:30-1:30pm
The Gregory A. Lumsden Trading Room and Research Lab
2002 Constant Hall


Presented by the Center for Learning and Teaching, the Office of Distance Learning,
and the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Carol Simpson

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The Provost’s Conversations on Teaching and Learning are open to all faculty members, and offer the opportunity to reflect and share about the teaching and learning process.

On Thursday, April 4, Dr. Mohammad Najand will lead a Conversation in an exciting location – the Gregory A. Lumsden Trading Room and Research Lab (2002 Constant Hall) entitled “The Application of Bloomberg Terminals to Business Education.”

Dr. Mohammad Najand received his Ph.D. in Finance and his MA in Economics from Syracuse University in 1988 and 1981. His research investigates the volatility of spot and futures markets, they ways in which macroeconomic factors affect financial markets, and the linkages among international capital markets.  An expert regarding the behavior of security prices and investment strategies, he has had numerous articles published in finance area journals.

Najand joined ODU’s Department of Finance in 1987.  He teaches the junior/senior course in investments and leads Ph.D. seminars in Finance.  His recent research focuses on tests of asset pricing models, the trade-off between risk and return in financial markets, and models of forecasting volatility in financial markets.

His Conversation will take place in, and will spotlight, the new Gregory A. Lumsden Trading Room and Research Lab (2002 Constant Hall).  Najand will show us, first-hand, how Bloomberg for Education brings the real world of finance into the classroom, exposing students to the industry-leading Bloomberg Professional service and giving them an edge when they enter the workplace.  Students can enhance research and class assignments while they learn how to analyze financial markets, assess economic scenarios, and interpret developments that impact the local economy.  The terminals also provide in-depth information in other disciplines, including health care and pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, energy, agriculture, journalism, government, economics, public policy, and law.

For more information about the Provost’s Conversations on Teaching and Learning series, including highlights from past years’ Conversations and a calendar of upcoming Conversation dates, visit the Conversations’ website at


Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Mon Apr 01 09:13:44 EDT 2013