The College Man: Relationships 101

Come be part of The College Man discussion series!

This week's discussion will be about relationships on the college campus. We will explore some of the challenges that men face when it comes to developing and maintaining significant relationships while in college. 

Topics discussed include:

-will your relationship survive college?

-the "friend zone"

-fear of commitment

-balancing school and your relationship

-Facebook, twitter, etc. & relationships


Come give some feedback, learn some tips, and hear stories from other guys who are in similar situations!

Discussion will be held in the U-Center Conference room located in the Webb Center right next to OSAL!

Date: 3/6/13

Time: 5:00-6:00PM

Join us!

* The College Man Flyer.pdf  (358.3 KB)

Posted By: Zamwawosayi Jatau
Date: Tue Mar 05 08:20:55 EST 2013