OEAS Seminar 3/7/13


The Department of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences invites you to attend its weekly seminar series.  Dr. Michael Kemp from the University of Maryland will present “Seasonal Hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay: Patterns, Trends and Controls.”  Please join us at 3pm in the Oceanography Building (OCNPS) Room 200, Thursday, March 7th, 2013.  All are welcome to attend.



Although seasonally low oxygen levels are a common feature of most stratified coastal systems, nutrient loading and other human disturbances have expanded and intensified bottom-water oxygen depletion in many of these systems including Chesapeake Bay. This talk will review and integrate recent findings on patterns and trends in seasonal hypoxia and anoxia for Chesapeake Bay and will address questions pertaining to physical and biogeochemical controls. 

* 030713_Seminar_Abstract_KEMP.docx  (44.6 KB)

Posted By: Donna Sellers
Date: Mon Mar 04 13:29:10 EST 2013