3/21 NVivo Webinar: Using NVivo as a Research Tool

Complimentary NVivo Webinar:  Using NVivo as a Research Tool
Date:  Thursday, March 21
Time:  4:30 - 5:30pm EDT
Registration Link:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/705594394
After you register, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to join.

What you will learn:

Using real data from a Duke University study of the impact of coastal environmental change on residents’ lives. We will demonstrate how NVivo software works with different types of data such as interviews, focus groups, video, surveys, and social media.

The webinar is planned as an interactive session, comments and questions are welcomed.

This webinar is being offered by the ODU English Department and QSR International.

Posted By: Owen Elks
Date: Mon Mar 18 18:12:50 EDT 2013