Seminar on Pulsed Power Devices

Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics Seminar


Megawatts from Millijoules: A Discussion on the Science and Engineering of Pulsed Power Devices and Their Application for Research into Nonequilibrium Phenomena”


Jason M. Sanders, PhD

University of Southern California


All are welcome.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 9-10AM

IRP2 First Floor Conference Room

4211 Monarch Way


The ability of high power transients to produce states of nonequilibrium in complex systems is fundamental to a number of research topics across a wide variety of disciplines. In many instances, the physical effects of these states become more interesting as the pulse duration and pulse spacing become comparable to or less than relaxation times intrinsic to the system under test, and, similarly, when the peak power is sufficiently high to meet or exceed threshold conditions. The capabilities of systems designed to produce megawatt pulses with nanosecond or picosecond rise-time and duration are advancing, thanks in part to recent breakthroughs in the commercialization of high performance power electronics devices. In addition to presenting results from experimental research powered by these devices, this talk will address science and engineering topics important to the development of pulsed power systems that are suitable for academic research, focusing on high level system architecture concepts as well as challenges associated with transmission and metrology for high power, broadband pulses.

Posted By: Loree Heller
Date: Tue Oct 22 16:13:35 EDT 2013