Fidelity Individual Counseling Sessions

As part of the benefits package offered, employees of Old Dominion University have the opportunity to meet with a Fidelity Investments financial consultant on campus. This personal session will allow you an opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have regarding retirement and obtain additional information that may assist you in planning for your retirement. Boyce Brice is available to meet with current and prospective participants of the Optional Retirement Plan as well as the Tax Sheltered Annuity.  He will be on campus on Wednesday, January 23rd from 8am – 5pm in the Reich Room and he still has a few appointments available. 

Please see the attached flyer for details on scheduling your personal appointment.

* Fidelity.pdf  (318.9 KB)

Posted By: Melanie Mcnall
Date: Thu Jan 03 16:02:19 EST 2013