OEAS Seminar 1/31/13


The Department of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences invites you to attend its weekly seminar series.  Dr. Chris DuPont from the J. Craig Venter Institute will present “Integrated ecogenomics across gradients in the Bight and the Baltic.” Please join us at 3pm in the Oceanography Building (OCNPS) Room 200, Thursday, January 31h, 2013.  All are welcome to attend.


Title: Integrated ecogenomics across gradients in the Bight and the Baltic


Abstract: Size fractionated metagenomics and metatranscriptomics were used to study microbial communities in transects across the southern California Bight and the Baltic Sea.  Carbon flow and light levels had only minor effects on the composition and diversity of microbial communities, though deep chlorophyll maxima were found to have substantially richer and more even communities relative to the corresponding surface community.  The most transcriptionally active bacteria were generally found in the largest size fraction (>3.0 um) but were also a low proportion of the microbial community.  Additionally, rare bacteria best correlated with community functions like primary production or nitrate uptake.   Salinity drives dramatic shifts in bacterial community composition at high taxonomic levels within in the Baltic Sea. These shifts are underpinned, and perhaps predicated, by the selection of analogous central metabolic pathways involved in quinone biosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation, as well as the transport and synthesis of osmoregulatory elements.  A key finding from both studies was the utility of multiple "omic" datasets for the characterization of microbial communities.  

Posted By: Donna Sellers
Date: Tue Jan 29 11:25:32 EST 2013