The Banner System will be taken offline to perform an upgrade on Friday, March 8 at 5 p.m.
The upgrade is expected to be complete on Sunday, March 10 by 6 p.m. 

Banner is Old Dominion University’s administrative information system which includes a collection of business applications that support University functions, including Leo Online. The Banner upgrade to version 8 will bring new functionality to the system as well as take advantage of product enhancements and allow for Monarch-Key authentication for the system.

OCCS and the Administrative Systems Oversight Group* (ASOG) have been preparing for the upgrade since December and testing of the system has begun.  For details on the functionality of the upgraded system, please contact the functional lead for the module(s) you have questions about:

Student module, General module, Leo Online                           Mary Swartz (
Financial aid module                                                                       Vera Riddick (
Admissions                                                                                       Carolyn Eakin (
Finance module                                                                      
Human resources / Payroll modules                                           Cheri Murphy (
General questions                                                                           Michael Little (

Effective March 11, 2013, Banner users will log into Banner with their MIDAS ID and password. All Banner users who have not changed their MIDAS password since January 7, 2013 will need to do so prior to March 1, 2013 so you are compliant before the Monarch-Key integration is complete and your access to Banner is affected.

* ASOG is an advisory and oversight body which provides counsel on information technology matters related to the Banner information system and other related IT systems. (

Posted By: Meghan Williams
Date: Mon Jan 28 08:43:54 EST 2013