Need to understand how to monitor your budget in Banner?



Space is still available for the January Banner Finance class scheduled for January 23 (1-4pm) and the Banner General Student class scheduled for January 29 (8:30am - 11:30am).

We recommend taking Banner Basics prior to taking either Banner Finance or Banner General Student.


The banner training program is provided for Banner users throughout the University community who need to learn the skills necessary to use the administrative computer system.  Kathie Parker is the facilitator for all classes.  Participants are reminded to arrive on time for classes - if you arrive more than 15 minutes past the start time, you will not be allowed to attend.


Please be sure to register via the Knowledge Center – details below.  If you DON’T register, you will not be notified of any schedule changes and will not receive the final reminder which includes a link to the training materials.

All classes are held in Rollins Hall, room 206.  Class size is limited to 11.

Registration is done via the Knowledge Center.

REGISTER FOR BANNER CLASSES - Once you log into the ODU Knowledge Center, select Learning Center and then Course Catalog.  Then find the specific class (Key Word Search – ODU BANNER 2013-1 – select “Exact phrase” from the drop-down on the right).  Classified and hourly employees are required to obtain supervisory permission prior to completing registration for classes. 

AFTER YOU REGISTER - Once you register for a course, you will receive an automatically-generated e-mail. 

PROBLEMS REGISTERING - If you experience problems with the ODU Knowledge Center, please contact or telephone one of the administrators (Ray Gata, 757-683-5139; Thasheena Cutno, 757-683-3082).

REMINDER E-MAIL – If you are registered in the Knowledge Center, a few days prior to class, Kathie Parker will send an e-mail with final reminders.







Posted By: Kathleen Parker
Date: Thu Jan 17 08:52:08 EST 2013