Here Without You: Experiencing Grief and Loss

 Grief and loss is something that we all go through. Some of have support, while others feel as if they have no one to turn to. This program will overview the manifestations of grief and loss to help participants understand what they are experiencing. The stages of grief will also detailed and discussed. Panelists will discuss their grief experiences and the participants will be invited to discuss their experiences as well. Participants will be given information regarding the newly formed grief and loss group as well as OCS information.

 The workshop will be held on JANUARY 23, 2013, @3:00pm in the Isle of Wight Room in the Webb University Center. Please contact Miranda Johnson-Parries at 683-4401 or if you have any questions.

* Grief and Loss Here Without You CSI.pdf  (578.1 KB)

Posted By: Miranda Johnson-Parries
Date: Wed Jan 16 13:38:12 EST 2013