Payroll and Web Time Entry (WTE) Schedules for 2013 posted



Please address any questions about information in this announcement to one of the following individuals:

Gloria Boone, Payroll Manager, 683-3014

Christine Chen, Assistant Payroll Manager, 683-3517

Pat Collins, Payroll Compliance and  E-1S Processing Manager, 683-3037


The Payroll Schedule, WTE Faculty Leave Report Submission Schedule, and WTE Submission Schedule for Classified, Hourly, Student Hourly for calendar year 2013 are now available on the Office of Finance website.  Please note that the WTE (Web Time Entry) schedules are Excel files.

Direct links to these schedules are provided in this announcement, but you may find them on our site - - under Faculty/Staff announcements.

Payroll Schedule -

Faculty Leave Submission Schedule -

WTE Submission Schedule (classified, hourly, student hourly) -


Posted By: Kathleen Parker
Date: Mon Dec 03 14:30:24 EST 2012