Counseling Services Referral Guide


A Friendly Reminder to Faculty & Staff prior to Exam Time...

Signs & Symptoms of a Student in Distress: Changes in academic performance, dependency, physical changes, inability to initiate positive interaction with others, inability to make decisions, apathy, bizarre or strange behavior, behaviors that indicate substance abuse, euphoria, over-reaction to criticism, problems in significant relationships, traumatic loss, in/direct statements of suicide.

Guidelines for Interaction:  Talk to the student in private and listen carefully. Show concern and interest.  Avoid criticizing or sounding judgmental. Repeat to the student the essence of what the student has told you. Involve yourself only as much as you feel comfortable. If you suspect a student is suicidal, discuss your concerns openly and frankly with the student and, if necessary, call Counseling Services immediately. Use Counseling Services as a resource and discuss a referral with the student.

The Referral Process: Suggest that the student come to Counseling Services for an appointment. Sometimes it may be useful for you to walk with the student to the office. Feel free to call Counseling Services for a consultation if you are uncertain about the appropriateness of a referral.  If the situation is an emergency, call Counseling Services while the student is in your office, inform the staff that the student is present, and state, "The student needs an appointment immediately."  Write down the appointment information (time, date and location) for the student.  If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 immediately.

Confidentiality:  All information is strictly confidential.   Students can discuss issues in complete confidence.  No information about a student is released without a written request from the student, except in emergency life/death situations and as legally required.

Location:  1526 Webb Center (North Wing, near Starbucks), 757-683-4401 (Emergency 757-683-4000 - Campus Security is to be used on weekends and after 5PM)

Hours:  8AM-5PM, Monday, Thursday & Friday, 8AM-6PM, Tuesday & Wednesday (Beginning January: 8AM-7PM, Tuesday & Wednesday)

* OCS Referral Guide.pdf  (128.3 KB)

Posted By: Lisa Jeffress
Date: Mon Dec 03 08:55:47 EST 2012