An Earfull @ Village Bookstore

The University Village Bookstore has increased its variety of headphones with a wide range

of products and prices.  Starting from the lower price end we carry JVC's GUMY  Stereo Headphones

then move on to Skullcandy Ink'd  Headphones, followed by  Skullcandy's Smokin' Buds then from

Audio Spice we have ODU imprinted Ear Buds.

Finally, we now carry from beatstudio two versions of " beats by dr. dre."  These high definition powered

Isolation Headphones are the top of the line with prices from $ 199.95 to $ 299.95.

Please stop by the Village Bookstore to check the range of headphones and see which works best for

you--especially during the holiday season.

Bookstore Hours: M-F:  8 - 7   Sat:  10 - 4  Sun: 12 - 4        Call: 683-0048

Posted By: Marc Katz
Date: Thu Nov 29 14:43:10 EST 2012