CS Colloquium: Genetic Error Variance Estimation

Title: Borrowing information across genes and experiments for improved error variance estimation in microarray data analysis

Date:   Friday, October 12, 2012

Time:  10:30 AM

Place:   E & CS Building Auditorium (First Floor)

Speaker:  Tieming Ji, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri, Columbia

Brief Abstract:  Because the same micro array platform is used for several experiments, we can borrow information across both genes and experiments to improve variance estmation.  Simulations studies show our Bayes estimator, based on our lognormal model, outperforms existing approaches.

Extended Abstract.  http://webspace.cs.odu.edu/~ibl/public/colloquium/fall12/ji.txt

Posted By: Irwin Levinstein
Date: Wed Oct 10 14:13:37 EDT 2012