Biomass to Energy Seminar-Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept. Graduate Seminar

Biomass to Energy through Hydrothermal Catalytic Processing of Biomass

 Sergiy Popov, Ph.D. Candidate

 Date:  Thursday October 11, 2012

Time:  Noon

Location:  Room 239 Kaufman Hall

This presentation will focus on research examining hydrothermal catalytic processing of biomass to create fuels/energy and other economically viable by-products.  This presentation will show that hydrothermal liquefaction/carbonization of unhydrolyzed biomass may be an efficient way to utilize lignocellulosic residues for these purposes. 


* CEE Dept Seminar - Biomass to Energy.pdf  (26.3 KB)

Posted By: Gary Schafran
Date: Wed Oct 10 05:50:30 EDT 2012