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Quality Assurance

Required Documentation

If your financial aid recored is selected for QA analysis, you are required to submit requested documents. Such documentation includes:

  • Federal income tax transcript for students and parents
  • W-2's for students and parents

About Quality Assurance

Old Dominion University participates in the United States Department of Education Institutional Quality Assurance Program. Since its first year of participation (1988), the university has succeeded in making many improvements in the delivery of student financial assistance. For example, the automation of disbursements, the development of an automated deferment system, and participation as a Year One school in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program are all direct results of institutional quality assurance initiatives.

Because Old Dominion University is a "QA institution," the university is invited to submit proposals for the improvement of the delivery of aid to the U.S. Department of Education. Past examples include waivers of certain regulations regarding disbursements for entering freshmen, or students enrolled in summer school. Regulatory relief has allowed freshmen and summer school students at Old Dominion University to have access to their aid earlier in the award year cycle, than would have been otherwise permitted.

Through participation in QA and commitments to monitor the results of the waivers of regulatory mandates, Old Dominion University has made great strides in providing financial assistance to all students in a timely, accurate manner.

There are many facets to the QA program spanning the entire campus and administration - it is not limited to the financial aid office. As a participant in federal Title IV student financial assistance programs (Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Student and Parent PLUS Loans) Old Dominion University complies with all federal regulations related to these programs.

One component of the QA program involves analyses of students' applications for aid. Using strict guidelines governing the program, the University selects a random sample of recipients of Title IV (federal) aid and reviews all steps in the delivery of that aid - from the student and parent completion of the aid application (FAFSA) through the approval of funds for payment to student's institutional financial account. Approximately 350 student records are selected each year for analysis through the QA process.

A student whose financial aid record is selected for QA analysis is obligated to comply with the document requirements and other account review processes. Once selected into the sample, a student who fails to deliver requested documents or otherwise comply with the program requirements within the deadlines stated is automatically barred from receipt of federal financial aid according to the United State Department of Education mandates.