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MonarchTeach:Resources for Students

MonarchTeach Workroom

The MonarchTeach workroom, located in room 128 of the Education building, is available to all students taking a MonarchTeach course. The hours are posted outside the door and announced in all classes.

In the workroom, there are computers and work spaces available, as well as other supplies needed for developing and delivering exceptional lessons. Either a master teacher or student worker is available for help when the workroom is open.

MonarchTeach students are encouraged to come by if they need assistance in their education courses or are just looking for a place to relax or study!


MonarchTeach Living-Learning Community

The MonarchTeach Living-Learning Community is located in Ireland House and is ideal for first and second year students who are majoring in science or mathematics and participating in the MonarchTeach program. Students in this LLC will be taking common courses with their peers and have opportunities for peer mentoring, workshops and seminars, and leadership development. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular hall activities, community service projects, and field trips.

In order to apply for this LLC, freshmen must enroll in Step 1 (STEM 101: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching STEM). Sophomore students need to have completed or be enrolled in Step 1 and subsequently enroll in Step 2 (STEM 102).

For more information or to apply, please visit the ODU Living-Learning Communities webpage.



During the summer of 2014, MonarchTeach students participated in internships with the Portsmouth Children's Museum, Virginia Aquarium, Portsmouth Public Schools, Norfolk Public Schools, NASA/Virginia Space Grant Consortium, and Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation. In addition, some students were provided research-based internships customized to fit their interests.

Students officially enrolled in the MonarchTeach program will be continue to be eligible for internships such as these during the school year and summer. Internships may include part-time hourly employment offered in exchange for participation in educational programs run by local school districts and other organizations. Please see the master teachers or program coordinator for more information.


For students officially enrolled in the MonarchTeach program, opportunities to apply for various scholarships or part-time jobs are frequently announced in their courses. These opportunities are made available by the College of Education, College of Sciences, and various outside agencies.

Resources and Information

Virginia Department of Education

Virginia Standards of Learning

Praxis Website

Common Core State Standards


Praxis and Praxis II Resources: