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Academic Suspension

Suspended Must Separate from ODU for:
Fall term Spring term
Spring term Summer and Fall terms


You have two options as a student on Academic Suspension, to accept your suspension or appeal.

Accept Your Suspension

It may be to your advantage to sit out your academic suspension period. See if you fall into one of these examples:

Example 1: Switching Majors

You were a science major and now want to switch to a English major. Most of your failed courses are those you will not need in your new major. If you sit out for three semesters, you can return to ODU and use the ARC policy to clean up your GPA.

Example 2: Unresolved Personal Issues

You have been dealing with a personal issue that has been a distraction from your studies. This issue may be an illness, family or relationship matter. By taking the separation, you can attend to the situation and be ready to focus on school when you return. You may also want to consult Student Ombudsperson Services.

A student is placed on academic suspension when the students cumulative GPA remains below 2.0 AND the semester GPA falls below 2.0.

Students who are on their first academic suspension will follow the matrix below to determine how long they must separate from Old Dominion University.

A student may apply for readmission the semester following the completion of suspension period. All readmitted students are required to attend the Academic Continuance Experience for Success (ACES) workshop before the beginning of the semester of readmission.

Credits earned at another accredited institution at a grade level of C (2.00) or better while an undergraduate student was under suspension from ODU will be accepted upon receipt of official transcript following readmission.

If a student readmitted after suspension fails to obtain a semester GPA of 2.0 in any semester before achieving a cumulative GPA of a least 2.0, the student will be placed on a SECOND suspension. Students who are placed on academic suspension for a second time are no longer eligible to attend Old Dominion University.

Students readmitted to ODU do not automatically qualify for financial aid. All students who are suspended should contact their financial aid counseling team to discuss their options.