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Assessment Cycle


Old Dominion University (ODU) "engages in ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes that incorporate a systematic review of programs and services that (a) results in continuing improvement, and (b) demonstrates that the institution is effectively accomplishing its mission." Additionally, University Policy #5900 established in October 2003 states that "Old Dominion University...shall continue to pursue a regular schedule of assessment."

In preparation for our last reaffirmation in 2002, ODU developed a set of Word templates that were completed by all academic programs and administrative units. Based on a commendation received in part for the use of an Access database to track assessment reports in Student Affairs, it became clear that an assessment management system was needed. Within a couple of years of the 2002 reaffirmation, a Virginia peer institution - Virginia Commonwealth University - developed WEAVEonline (WEAVE).

Write objectives/outcomes
Establish measures
Assess performance/collect and analyze data
View results with colleagues
Effect improvements

ODU purchased WEAVE in 2005-06 and began implementing it in 2006-07. In 2010-11 the Assessment Team continued to fine tune the assessment reports, engage more units in the process and evaluate their progress. The Assessment Team was also reorganized to assign a Senior Research Associate and Research Associate to each college and vice presidential area to better assist them in completing the assessment process. As displayed on the assessment timeline / cycle, after the reports are completed by September 30 each year, the Assessment Team evaluates each assessment report and provides feedback in October through November. Based on this feedback, academic programs and administrative units are encouraged to update their assessment plans. Academic programs and administrative units collect data through April and then begin entering their results and developing action plans to improve their programs or units. The assessment team is available throughout the process for consultation, training, and assistance.