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Student Caller Job Description

See the duties and responsibilites, qualifications needed, and the skills and experience preferred for the Student Caller position.

By sending this application, you certify that you have given true and complete information on this form. You also authorize educational institutions, associations, registrations, registering boards, and others to furnish whatever details are available concerning your qualifications. Also, you authorize investigation of all statements made in this application and understand that false information or failure to disclose relevant information may be grounds for rejection of your application, disciplinary action, dismissal (if employed) or criminal action. You further understand dismissal upon employment shall be mandatory if fraudulent disclosures are given to meet position requirements. Not withstanding any provision of state or federal law, you expressly waive any rights you have to review material or information received from previous employers or educational institutions under promise of confidentiality.

Calling Center Employment Application

Select Preferred/Available shifts, if you cannot work that shift leave it blank.

We try to accommodate callers with their preferred shifts, however the more available you are the better.