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Dear Colleague Letters

October 1, 2013

Dear Colleague,

In the weeks ahead, we again have an opportunity to help those in need - locally, statewide, nationally and worldwide - through our participation in the annual Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC).

Last year, the Old Dominion University community once again exceeded its goal, raising $115,496. This was an outstanding show of support, which was appreciated and needed by the organizations and agencies that depend on these donations - as well as the thousands of people that they, in turn, help. We look forward to another successful campaign.

The theme for the 2013 campaign is "Virginia is for Givers." This theme truly reflects our own ODU community. In addition to last year's generous contributions to the CVC, our faculty and staff members provided 54,000 hours of service for more than 800 organizations and participated in 150 community outreach programs. ODU's culture of engagement, in fact, was recognized this year for the second consecutive year on the president of the United States' Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.
Donations of time and money are both important to those in need. It's easy to see the difference you make through volunteerism, but the good that comes from a financial contribution often takes time. When making our CVC donations this year, we would do well to keep in mind the words of Mahatma Gandhi: "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result."

Let us all do what we can to bring about positive results for those less fortunate.
Please visit the campaign website at www.cvc.virginia.gov for more information and for the list of more than 1,300 local, state, national and international organizations that can benefit from your support.

A volunteer from your office or department will soon provide you with a CVC pledge card, and I would ask that you consider making a contribution this year, in whatever amount you can afford. You may designate your donation to a specific charity, or to multiple organizations and agencies.

When we give from the heart, we offer both help and hope to those in need. The ODU community has earned a reputation over the years for its generosity and caring, and I am

sure that this tradition will continue through the 2013 CVC campaign. Just as Virginia is for Givers, I am proud to say that Old Dominion University is for Givers as well. I thank you in advance for your support of this important statewide effort.

Sincerely yours,

John R. Broderick