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University PolicyReview Guidelines


    Subject of the policy and a brief description of what it is trying to accomplish

    Does it make sense to the lay person? Is it clear?


    Basis for the University's authority or responsibility to make this policy (state or federal statute, state or federal regulation, board directive, inherent power, etc.)

    Does it answer the question "Why does this policy exist?" At a minimum, must include the general authority statement for the University.


    Words that might be confusing, have different possible meanings, or are being used in a specific way

    Have all terms used in this policy that have specialized meaning to the policy, been listed and defined? (Not all words will have the same definition for all policies)

  4. SCOPE

    To whom does the policy apply (administrators, faculty, staff, students, visitors, etc.)?

    Have all groups to which this policy applies been listed? Are there any special exclusions? If so, are they clearly stated?


    Each policy statement presents the intent and applicability of the policy, as well as mandated actions and constraints

    Does the statement expand on the policy's purpose by naming specific core provisions or requirements? Does it clearly state what is required? This section should be able to stand on its own to give the reader enough information to abide by the intent of the policy. For example, it should include the following:

    • Presents intent of the policy
    • Who must follow the policy
    • When the policy applies
    • Mandated actions or constraints (a general statement, with specifics included in procedures)

    A statement that prescribes specific actions to be taken to conform to established policies, allowing for the orderly implementation of those policies.

    Do the procedures explain clearly and completely how to comply with the policy?

    Does this section state that more specific procedures exist elsewhere (if applicable), and if so, are all references included?

    The responsible officer is assigned by the Responsible Oversight Executive to administer the policy. This individual is responsible for keeping the policy up to date and coordinating a detailed review at least once every 5 years.


    Any applicable policies, appendices and links that relate to the policy and help to implement the policy

    Are sufficient links provided for referenced information included in the policy?

    Do the links work?