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2014-2019 Strategic Planning Committee:Enrollment Management

Committee Charges

  1. Keep tuition competitive and affordable;
  2. Right-size the University and shape our enrollment and cultural fabric through graduate, undergraduate, and special populations (e.g. military, transfer, international);
  3. Improve retention and graduation rates;
  4. Enhance student onboarding and student services;
  5. Expand on-line offerings through ODU's DL and "disruptive" technologies.

Committee Assignments

  • Ken Brown (athletics)
  • Jane Dané (SEES) co-chair
  • Andy Casiello (DL)
  • Paul Champagne (Fac Senate)
  • Morel Fry (Lib)
  • Janet Katz (A&L)
  • Jeanie Kline (AA)
  • April Konvalinka (SEES)
  • David Kozoyed (ITS)
  • Terrell Kingwood (student)
  • Kathleen Levingston (SEES, Military)
  • Brenda Neumon-Lewis (AA, Grad)
  • Linda Miller-Dunleavy (DCOE)
  • Jennifer Mullen-Collins
  • Steve Risch (International Admissions)
  • David Silvis (OIP)
  • Bob Spina (DCOE)
  • Johnny Young (SEES) Co-chair Steering Committee link
  • Sandy Waters (AE)

Staffed by:

  • Scott Harrison (SEES)
  • Min Xu (EN)

  • Brian Payne (floater)
  • Jennifer Mullen (floater)

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes