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2014-2019 Strategic Planning Committee:Economic Development & Entrepreneurship

Committee Charges

  1. Become the economic development engine that drives the Hampton Roads region through expanding economic development initiatives with Eastern Virginia Medical School and others;
  2. Teach, grow and nurture tomorrow's innovators through an entrepreneurial interdisciplinary curriculum geared to students across all disciplines;
  3. Establish an entrepreneurial center and co-curricular programming, mentoring, competitions, social entrepreneurship;
  4. Expand the culture of entrepreneurism on campus into research and IP commercialization efforts.

Committee Assignments

  • Dayle Daines (CoS)
  • Charlie Daniels (BCET)
  • Christopher Fleming (SEES)
  • Bev Forbes (SEES Career Development)
  • Holly Gaff (CoS)
  • Dan Genard (Advancement)
  • Fred Hughes (Student)
  • Steve Lanivich (CBPA)
  • Jim Lant (CBPA)
  • Roland Mielke (BCET/ModSim)
  • Roy Ogle (CoHS)
  • Thomas Reese (VMASC)
  • Mark Rehfuss (DCOE)
  • Stacie Ringleb (BCET/MAE co-Chair)
  • Bruce Rubin (CORE 2)
  • Rusty Waterfield (Co-chair)
  • Robert Wojtowicz (A&L)

COO Dave Harnage

Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Committee Minutes

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