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2014-2019 Strategic Planning Committee:Community Engagement: Locally & Globally

Committee Charges

  1. Enhance Campus Life through student engagement and service learning with local communities;
  2. Incorporate Community Engagement principles into curriculum and faculty research, including international experiences;
  3. Become the state's central authority on Early Childhood Development Policy in partnership with the Elevate Early Education organization;
  4. Provide quality continuing and professional education to regional and global community through on-line and F2F offerings, on campus and at HECs.

Committee Assignments

  • Jenifer Alonzo (A&L)
  • Daniela Cigularova (HECs)
  • Chandra DeSilva (AA) co-chair
  • Claire Dorsey (TBG)
  • Jennifer Fish (S. Africa/women's studies)
  • Andrew Fortman (SEES)
  • Chris Glass (DCOE)
  • Collin Hust (Student, SGA)
  • Wayne Jones (ITS)
  • Lisa Mayes (AE)
  • Karen Meier (advancement)
  • John Morris (CBPA)
  • Jennifer Mullen-Collins (Marketing/PR)
  • Ginny O'Herron (Lib)
  • Worth Pickering (Assessment)
  • Marcelo Siles (ELC)
  • Don Stansberry (SEES) co-chair
  • Burton St. John (A&L)
  • Martha Walker (CoHS)
  • Debbie White (Athletics)
  • Aey Wongtrirat (SEES Intercultural)
  • Bo Ram Yi (student BOV Rep)

Community Engagement Committee Minutes