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2014-2019 Strategic Planning Committee:Academic & Research Strengths

Committee Charges

  1. Support and move forward our academic and research strengths (VMASC, Bioelectrics, Physics, Counseling, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Creative Writing, Nursing, etc.);
  2. Champion engaging and innovative teaching in on-line and F2F formats;
  3. Increase real world experience for students through undergraduate research opportunities and through competitions such as the Solar Decathlon and the College Fed Challenge;
  4. Create graduate and undergraduate programs that are relevant for future job expansion in key clusters, including experiential learning.

Committee Assignments

  • David Earnest (Co-Chair) (A&L)
  • M'Hammed Abdous (DL)
  • Karen Eck (OR)
  • Gail Dickinson (DCOE)
  • George Fowler (Lib)
  • Donna Hughes-Oldenberg
  • Nicole Kiger (SEES)
  • Ravi Joshi (BCET)
  • Leon McClinton (SEES)
  • David Metzger (AE)
  • Mohammad Najand (CBPA)
  • Debbie Bauman (Co-Chair) (CoHS)
  • Brian Payne (AA)
  • Stephen Pullen (A&L)
  • Adam Rubenstein (Office of Research)
  • Micah Scott (CoHS)
  • Charles Sukenik (CoS)
  • Trianne Smith (Student)
  • Victoria Time (CORE 2/OEAS)

Academic & Research Strengths Committee Minutes

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  • Academic & Research Strengths Committee Minutes 10/21/13
  • Academic & Research Strengths Committee Minutes 10/7/13