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  • What is our niche?
  • How do we establish our "claim to fame"
  • How do we market internally and externally?
  • How do we integrate sports, academics and different student types?
  • Who do we think we are?
  • What defines us?
  • What is our community involvement can it be improved?
  • Should we have a spokesperson for the university to assist the president to visit Jaycee, Kiwanis, Chamber events in Hampton Roads, etc?
  • How can marketing improve the quality of life at ODU?
  • What is the best way to achieve consistency in advertising/branding?
Chair Jennifer Mullen
Steering Committee Represenative Marty Sharpe
Data and Assessment Committee Represenatiave Marty Sharpe
Committee Members Alonzo Brandon
Judy Bowman
Victoria Burke
Chris Platsoucas
Ginny O'Herron
Nancy Cooley
Ted Raspiller
Michael McGinnis
Debbie White
Dick Whalen
Tom Wunderlich
Alexander McDonald (student)
John Ford
Osman Akan
Nancy Bagranoff
Anita Friedman
Lane Dare
Karen Travis
Mohammed Karim
Stacy Hammond (graduate student)

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