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Fast Facts

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  1. Academic reasons followed by social participation factors and appearance/location factors remain most influential in students' choice of ODU in 2010. Parents influenced significantly more FY students than in past.
  2. The University's social reputation and extracurricular activities are very important reasons for first year students choosing ODU.
  3. More than 80% of first year students are committed to being successful academically.
  4. Just over one-third of entering students are firmly grounded in their career decisions, however career enhancement is a major focus of college attendance for first year students.
  5. The majority of first year students indicate they think they will be very satisfied with ODU.
  6. Since 2000, the percentage of students who indicate that ODU was their first choice continues to increase.
  7. The vast majority of graduate students (95%) are very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience in graduate school.
  8. Fifty-six percent of graduate students worked 30 or more hours per week during graduate school.
  9. In general, graduate students are satisfied with all of the administrative and student services.
  10. Eighty-one percent of graduate students would choose ODU if they had it to do over again.