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April 28, 2014


ODU's Barshis Finds Corals Fight Back Against Climate Change

Daniel Barshis, a young marine molecular biologist who joined the Old Dominion faculty in 2013, has published widely disseminated research findings over the past decade showing that some corals seem to be capable of fighting back against the ravaging effects of climate change.

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Caribbean Fisheries Order Up Butler's 'Pure Science' About Spiny Lobsters

ODU marine biologist Mark Butler has been studying spiny lobsters in the Caribbean for more than 30 years, and has made much-publicized discoveries related to dispersal of populations during the larvae stage and to a viral disease that kills young lobsters. But the conference he was invited to on the island of Dominica earlier this month was not associated with pure science as much as it is with the great value of lobsters as a seafood commodity.


Two Public Events in May Will Showcase Nuclear Physics

If you live in southeastern Virginia and you're interested in nuclear physics, the month of May holds two special opportunities to expand your understanding of the Big Bang - and the particles and forces that form matter as we know it. ODU physicists will be part of both events.


Board of Visitors Makes Faculty Appointments, Selects Student Representative

The Old Dominion University Board of Visitors made several faculty appointments and selected next year's student representative to the board at its April 24 meeting.



Across the Campus – A Photo Essay

The semester may be winding down, but there was much activity throughout the main campus and beyond last week - from students studying for finals to an Exam Jam event at the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center.

A Picture is Worth...

thepicturePhoto: Chris Oxley/Newport News Shipbuilding

President John R. Broderick and Danny Hunley (right), vice president of operations at Newport News Shipbuilding, sign a memorandum of understanding Monday that will help students at the shipyard's Apprentice School pursue engineering degrees from ODU while doing their apprenticeships in Newport News. The new marine-engineering apprenticeship program will lead to a bachelor's degree in mechanical or electrical engineering from ODU.


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