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April 14, 2014

Education College’s John Ritz Receives Two Publication Awards


John Ritz, professor of STEM education and professional studies, received two international publication awards recently. One award was received with a co-researcher from Texas State University. The second award was a joint publication with Old Dominion University alumni Scott Bevins, University of Virginia at Wise.

Ritz and co-author Gene Martin (Texas State University) won the Silvius-Wolansky Award for the Outstanding Scholarly Publication in Technology and Engineering Education, co-sponsored by the G. Harold Silvius Foundation and the Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE). The award is presented annually by the CTETE to an author(s) whose scholarship has enhanced the technology and engineering education profession. The authors received the award for their publication, "Perceptions of New Doctoral Graduates on the Future of the Profession," on March 27 at the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Conference. Their manuscript was published in December 2013 in The Journal of Technology Studies.

Ritz and co-author Scott Bevins, who received a Ph.D. from ODU in 2010 and currently teaches at the University of Virginia at Wise, won the Paul T. Hiser Award. This award recognizes the best article of the year appearing in The Journal of Technology Studies, the refereed publication of Epsilon Pi Tau. The authors received this award on March 29 for their March 2013 publication, "Economics, Innovations, Technology, and Engineering Education: The Connections."