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February 17, 2014

Agreements Due Feb. 21 for Employees Interested in Global Telework Week


The Commonwealth of Virginia is participating in Global Telework Week, March 3-7. This is the fourth year of this annual public-private partnership initiative that encourages government agencies, businesses and individuals across the globe to pledge to telework one or more days during a specific one-week period. The event is hosted by Telework Exchange, a public-private partnership focused on demonstrating the tangible value of telework.

Existing state and agency telework policies will guide participation in Global Telework Week. In order to participate in Global Telework Week at ODU, an employee must do the following if he/she does not currently have a telework agreement on file in the Department of Human Resources:

Complete a Telework Agreement Form and submit it to your supervisor for approval

By signing a Telework Agreement Form, the employee agrees to safeguard State and University information used or accessed while teleworking and comply with all related Information Technology Services policies, including required training;

An employee cannot begin teleworking until the Telework Agreement Form has been approved through the required management steps and Human Resources

Review the Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access Procedure and complete the ITS Universal Account Request form.

Submit account request forms to the Technical Support Center in Webb Center or to the main office on the 4th floor of the Engineering and Computational Sciences Building

Account request forms must be received by February 17, 2014 to insure access by March 3, 2014.

Once registered by ITS, complete the Remote User Training Course required by ITS. The course must be completed before VPN access is granted

For employees who plan to use University equipment from home, complete the Equipment Use Authorization Form.

In making decisions about which positions are appropriate to designate or approve for telework, supervisors, in consultation with the Department of Human Resources, must analyze the duties of positions and how the work is performed. Generally, the types of positions that may be appropriate for telework are those which:

  • require independent work;
  • require little face-to-face interaction;
  • require concentration;
  • result in specific, measurable work products; and
  • can be monitored by output, not time spent doing the job.

The Department of Human Resources maintains a list of broad categories of positions that are ineligible for telework along with the appropriate justifications as to why the positions are ineligible. For example, direct service and place-specific positions such as Receptionist, Law Enforcement Officer, Grounds Worker, Housekeeping Worker, and most other Facilities Management positions are ineligible.

If you do not currently have a telework agreement on file and you wish to participate in Global Telework Week, please have your telework agreements into Human Resources by Friday, Feb. 21.

For additional information, refer to University Policy #6202, Telework, or contact Pam Harris, staffing and operations manager, pharris@odu.edu or extension 5131.